Friday Favorites

Happy Veterans’ Day everyone! To any of our readers who are or have been in the military, we at 4word would like to say thank you for your service to our country. And now, without further ado, here are a couple of announcements, plus our favorite blog posts from this week.

Our online book club started this week
On Tuesday, Susan DiMickele published her first post for our online book club. If you missed this week’s post, don’t worry. We haven’t gotten to the actual book discussion yet. Susan explained her vision for the book club and gave us a schedule. We hope to see you back on the blog this coming Tuesday, when we will be discussing chapters 1 – 3 of Work, Love, Pray. Even if you haven’t had a chance to read the chapters yet, we encourage you to jump into the discussion anyway. And tell a friend! The more the merrier.

“Asking All the Wrong Questions: Why Christians are waiting for marriage for sex”
What is the big deal about sex before marriage? I know the Bible says it’s wrong, but isn’t that just cultural? So if I’m waiting for sex can I do other stuff? How far is too far? If you’ve ever asked these questions, you should consider purchasing Ally Spotts’ e-book. For $0.99, you’ll receive a 47-page e-book that includes Ally’s story, her practical tips for healthy boundaries and her confrontation of some of the misperceptions about why we, as Christians, are waiting.

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Up Next
We have lots of great content planned for you next week, so be sure to check back in on Monday. Our theme will be “pray,” and our Wednesday interview will feature Lisa Whittle, author of {w}hole, which was just released last month. The second post in our online book club will be posted on Tuesday; we’ll be discussing Work, Love, Pray chapters 1 – 3.