Mark Your Calendar On September 18 to GIVE to 4word During North Texas Giving Day!




We have a special opportunity coming NEXT THURSDAY, September 18. For the second year, 4word is participating in North Texas Giving Day. For one day, generous partners of 4word can give online, and their donations will be multiplied! (In our case, it’s a 1:1 match + plus!) Visit to place your gift.

All gifts to 4word and through this Giving Day are tax deductible, as we ARE a 501c3.

 SO PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND NEXT THURSDAY … GIVE GENEROUSLY TO 4WORD AND YOUR GIFT WILL BE MULTIPLIED … in more ways than one because we ALSO have a PRIVATE donor that has agreed to match whatever you give too!!!

Please give generously and forward to your friends who are passionate about our mission.


This day is a wonderful chance to make supporting 4word exciting and simple. All proceeds will go specifically towards our 4word Local Group program. If you are particularly passionate about building authentic community face-to-face, this is your chance!

We feel blessed that Ambassador’s Club, a group of professionals based in Texas, has generously granted a match for all funds raised, up to $5,000, during this day.

The mission of Ambassador’s Club is to seek to be the Church in giving generously of their collective time, talents, and financial resources to share their faith. The heart behind the initiative was to engage a group of young professionals in a recurring discussion regarding stewardship of their time, talents, and treasure. Many of the club members are young in their careers, and their desire is to intentionally engage in building a lifestyle of faithful generosity and wise stewardship of God’s gifts. 4word feels so grateful to be a recipient of one of their 2014 gifts!



So we ask you to mark your calendars for this one day opportunity to impact the lives of professional women in a very tangible way.



God bless,

Diane Paddison
Founder, and Author, Work, Love, Pray



Local Groups Are Impacting Lives Across the Country!





Here are just a few professional Christian women whose lives have been enriched through their involvement in their Local Groups.



I have been meeting with women to spread 4word, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I am feeling super encouraged by their enthusiasm, wisdom, and willingness. I am humbled by the opportunity and excited to see where God takes it here. Thanks for believing in this cause and spreading it across the country to D.C.” – Shelby, Washington D.C.


I just wanted to share how many women are telling me how excited they are and how this is the group they have been looking for!  Thank you for starting 4word, thank you for expanding it across the nation, and thank you for bringing it to San Diego!” – Kellie, San Diego


Hear directly from two members of the 4word: Phoenix Local Group, Katie Conner and Ashley, and Mary-Clare Hill from the 4word: Dallas Local Group about why they decided to join their 4word Local Groups.




What Will My Donation Do?



When you donate on North Texas Giving Day, 100% of your donation will go to the 4word Local Groups program, and your donation will be matched. What will happen with these donations once the 4word Local Group program receives them?

We’re glad you asked. Your donation will be used to:



If you’re still wondering whether your donation will really make a difference, check out some of our favorite articles on giving and what it can not only do for the organization receiving the donation, but also for you!



All That’s Left Now is To GIVE






As we continue to learn from women, we hear of the absence in opportunities for professional women with faith to come together and support each other in their businesses and professions, in their personal lives, and in their spiritual journeys.

There is no other national group in the U.S. that is serving professional women that are like-minded in their faith through intentional community and mentorship.




We believe it’s imperative that we reach professional women in this way, and we ask you to join us. To give, visit to place your gift, which will be matched up to $5,000.

All gifts to 4word and through this Giving Day are tax deductible, as we are a 501c3.