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Be Secure in Your Worth

your worth


This week, 4word is celebrating Giving Day, a chance for our community to join together and contribute to the mission of 4word as we reach more women in the workplace. (Click here to join me and contribute between now and September 14th!


I am humbled daily to be a part of the real, passionate, faithful community of 4word women. You inspire me to be a better leader, steward our resources well, love others, and put God first. I believe God has given me purpose in leading our global community. But that sense of purpose isn’t unique to me.

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Sometimes, we see other women who appear to be doing “big things” in the workplace or in their faith. We might even feel like God has given those women a purpose, but left us yearning for more. If you have ever felt that way, or even feel purposeless today, know that God has given you a unique calling that only you can fulfill.


Isn’t that an amazing feeling?


Even more than a purpose, God has given you resources to fulfill those purposes. Maybe He’s called you to be an executive in a multi-million dollar company. If so, He will give you wisdom and humility to lead well and sound mind to make big decisions.

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Or maybe He has called you to be a work-from-home mom with small children. If so, He will give you energy and patience to love and care for your children and wisdom to manage your time well so you can provide for your family and grow your career.


Maybe God is calling you to step out in faith and start your own business. If so, He will give you perseverance and confidence as you go out on your own and open doors of opportunity to grow your business.

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God has called all of us to live out our faith at work and shine His light in the workplace. He gives us the resources we need in the form of talent, time, and money to fulfill His purposes for our lives. We are secure in our own worth and value in Christ so that we can follow His will for us, even when others may question our decisions about how we steward our resources.


When we’re secure in God’s purpose and provision for our lives, we can stop holding tightly to our money, our talents, or our job. When we remember that all good things are from the Lord, we can open our hands and allow Him to multiply our resources to fulfill His purposes.

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That’s why this Thursday, 4word is holding our annual Giving Day, asking those who are passionate about growing our global community of women in the workplace to contribute financially to our mission. Each of us will open our hands, contributing as we feel like, to “Pay it 4word” and contribute so we can reach even more women in the workplace.


Here are three steps you can take today to live out God’s purposes for your life:


  1. Stop and ask God what His purposes are for you today.
  2. Believe that He has placed a unique calling on your life that only you can fill.
  3. Ask Him to show you areas of your life where He is blessing you so that you can be a blessing to others and give back.


Thank you for supporting our community of real, passionate, faithful women in the workplace. I can’t wait to see what God will do with your generosity as we grow our global community together!


P.S. We can’t do this without you. Click here to contribute to the mission of 4word as we grow our global community of real, passionate, faithful women in the workplace and help them reach their God-given potential with confidence. Stay tuned this Thursday to learn how you can #Payit4word with a donation to 4word that gives back!




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