War Against Your Family


Raising children in this present world can be a daunting task. As parents, you watch your children become exposed to and combat issues, situations, and temptations that you never would have seen when you were their age. How can you guide your family steadfastly through the muck and evil of the world and maintain your core values and beliefs? Bill and Danielle Ford of C2Family asked themselves this question many times before deciding to do something about the war being waged against Christian families today. We spoke with Danielle to learn her advice for raising today’s children.



4word: Tell us about C2Family and its mission for families.

Danielle: There is a war being waged on families, and our children are the casualties. Our mission is to substantially impact our culture by equipping parents with practical and intentional tools to set the foundation of God’s truth back in place. What sets C2Family apart is the practicality of our message. We use God’s truth and provide simple and practical tools that even the busiest families can begin implementing immediately to take back ground surrendered to the world with regards to their family.


4word: What led to C2Family?

SouthernFordFamDanielle: It wasn’t so much being led as it was being rescued ourselves. Our family had gotten caught in the crossfire of the war for materialism and worldly success. We saw our own lives lack greater purpose, and we realized that we had wandered way off track from the vision we once had for our family. It was a God-given vision, like He has for all families, and we had literally allowed it to be stuffed away in the attic where mud daubers and spiders had overtaken it.

Once the Lord got our attention through some devastating circumstances, we began to fight for our own family and then to help others fight for theirs.


4word: Can you share with our readers about the circumstances your family endured that inspired you to fight for each other?

Danielle: My husband and I were so unfulfilled that we were seeking things from the world to satisfy that were never meant for us. As we attempted to meet people whom we could influence for good, they were influencing us. We found ourselves in a social scene that was exciting but very temporal. As it ended, we actually found ourselves wandering around an exclusive hotel lobby wondering what we were doing. We called our family, bought expedited plane tickets for home, and began the battle to win back our family. It was difficult and there were many setbacks but that was the day we drew a line in the sand and said, “Enough is enough.” We regained our God-given vision and that is why we are so passionate to help other families do the same.


4word: What are some common struggles parents are facing with their children today?

C2logowtagDanielle: Children are leaving the faith of their parents! So as the generations come, each has a diminished sense of the power of God in their lives. This fact alone is devastating! When children see no evidence of spiritual fruit in their homes, they look elsewhere.

C2Family was birthed from this devastation in our own family. We had to be intentional about picking up our sword and fighting a very real battle. But when a family makes that decision to become intentional and turn back to the way God has for them, victory can be regained. Many of the other battles: disrespect, disobedience, bullying, and even suicidal tendencies in our children can be overcome with a God-given vision for the family.


4word: How can C2Family help parents feeling frustrated or lost in their journey to raise their children in a postmodern world?

Danielle: Helping frustrated parents in this postmodern world is the core mandate of C2Family. First, we encourage them that there is hope, if they choose to become intentional. Then, we give them practical tools that will produce immediate results. C2Family tools work. They are proven. Many of the processes in C2Family were taken from the corporate world so they really appeal to the families dwell in that realm. However, the true source is God, and as we reintroduce them to the truth behind the processes, real transformation begins. God created EACH family, regardless of their form for a greater purpose, and we simply receive the blessing from guiding them to discover or rediscover that vision.


4word: What advice would you share with parents raising children in today’s world?

danielleteachingDanielle: God has plans for you AND your family! He desires more for you than you can imagine. We realized that before it was too late and so can you. Let C2Family come alongside you and equip you to not only change the outcome for your family now but for the children yet to be born. Your grandchildren and the coming generations will become supernatural; more than just natural. Let God’s love rewrite your story….beginning today.

If there were one thing I could leave with the families of 4word it is this: You are uniquely qualified to parent your children, God gave them to YOU! He has a greater purpose for you, and if you agree with His plan, He can and WILL bless you.

Any family can start today by visiting our website and taking our family assessment. There is encouraging content throughout our website, and you can subscribe to our entire teaching curriculum for a very small fee where there are step-by-step courses to take your family from the natural to the supernatural. We also have a book and workbook, The Power of Family Vision, and a family devotional.


What difficulties have you and your family come up against? As Danielle shared, God’s plan for your family is to see you and your children flourish and seek after Him. If you and your family need help getting back on the right path, be sure to check out C2Family and the services they offer.


How can you become a better leader and parent for your children in today’s culture? What safeguards have you taken to ensure that your family stays true to God’s calling for them?



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Bill and Danielle Ford spent many years in the corporate world. Danielle received her BBA in 1986 and practiced accounting as a CPA until she married Bill in 1993. Bill became a Family Business Specialist through the American College and worked with mostly family owned businesses in wealth management for over 15 years. While helping others build their kingdoms, he found himself lost in the trappings of worldly and material success. They both painfully realized the world was having a bigger impact on their family than they were.

In 2009, God impressed upon Bill and Danielle that they needed to become intentional about changing the outcome for their family. They were in a pit of despair from their own life choices, and their children, all five of them, were quickly becoming casualties of their battle. They were not bad parents, but they realized that their lack of intentionality had left too much to chance. Through an intense process, they found freedom for themselves and redemption for their family. After leaving the corporate world, they committed their life to helping other families live abundantly and supernaturally through applying God’s truth and real practical tools that families need so desperately. Their utmost desire is for every family to become supernatural, better than natural, as God redeems them as well.

As a result of the redemption and supernatural transformation of his family, C2 Family ministry was created to help other families, pastors and kingdom business owners change culture through the family and the marketplace. Bill and Danielle have become advocates for every form of the family to live in God’s intended purpose. They truly believe that God has a vision for every family and that they have the Godly truths, tools, and process to help them not only discover it but to implement it for the benefit of their family.

Bill and Danielle live in Weatherford, Texas with three teenage children. Two married children have blessed them with five grandchildren, and they all believe in the supernatural power of the family.