Top 4word Blogs of 2020

As we wrap up 2020 and look forward expectantly to 2021, we thought it would be fun to go back through all of our weekly blogs from the past 12 months to see which ones resonated with readers the most. Below are the top 10 blogs from the 4word blog. See if your favorite made the list!

#1: Your Worth in God Doesn’t Come with Conditions

Kim Vastine, Chaplain for 4word: Southlake, shares her personal journey to place her worth in God instead of allowing fears and false definitions of earthly worth to define her.

#2: Why We Get Bored Studying the Bible

LaDonna Slade, speaker, coach, and small groups coordinator for 4word: Austin, shares a simple four-step fix to studying the Bible in a way that makes it easy to keep going!

#3: Fear and Insecurity Don’t Play Favorites

Courtney Watson, a leader of 4word: Nashville and an aspiring author, walks through her journey to discovering a purpose so different from what she had envisioned for her life and how she had to overcome her fears and insecurities to trust in His plan.

#4: Purpose Involves Connecting the ‘Whys’

Sofia Fonseca, architect, professor, and 4word: Houston board member, wraps up our discussion this month with her thoughts on purpose and how community plays a pivotal role in helping you connect the “whys” in your life to form your personal purpose.

#5: ‘This is about restoration.’ — A call-to-action from a 4word woman

We asked Nicole Dickens, leader of 4word: Bay Area-Silicon Valley, to share her thoughts on the unrest in America. May her words light a fire within you to work toward restoration!

#6: How to Handle a Workplace Bully

Julie Bolton, VP of Casualty Risk Engineering at Zurich Insurance and 4word: Houston board member, shares her tips for handling a bully in your workplace and how to make sure you react in a way that is conducive to resolution, not detriment.

#7: How Professional Women Can Bless Their Churches

Lisa Adams, coach, pastor’s wife, and leader of 4word: Saratoga Springs, talks about how she has learned to carve out a place for herself as a professional woman in a church family, and how you can do the same thing!

#8: Overcome the Impostor Syndrome, Reach Your Full Potential

Patricia Myers, executive leadership coach and 4word Board Member, shares her struggles with being confident in who she was and what women in the workplace can do to keep their own doubts at bay.

#9: Start Harnessing and Leveraging Your Emotions at Work

Lori Berry, co-founder of 4word: Southlake, explains that, as Christians in the workplace, we are instructed to use our emotions for the good of other people, especially those with whom we work.

#10: Shining Your ‘Christ Light’ As a Business Owner

Dr. Cathy Denison-Robert, MBA, business consultant, coach, trainer, small business owner, professor, and 4word mentor, offers four areas business owners should focus on when building their business on Biblical principles.

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