Candid Conversations — From Reeling to Growing: Navigating the Mental and Emotional Impacts of Unexpected Pivots

Nearly everyone in the workforce had some aspect of their life—at work or at home—turned on its head or taken away completely during the pandemic, and that has resulted in a surge in mental and emotional weight placed on the shoulders of already maxed out individuals. It’s time to lay down your cape of constantly being “on”—serving, leading, gathering and helping others—so you can place the oxygen mask on your own face and be refreshed, encouraged, equipped, and inspired to develop lifestyle habits that help you.

Licensed clinical psychologist and leadership consultant Dr. Shannan Crawford leads this Candid Conversations webinar in partnership with Marketplace Chaplains to help us unpack the mental and emotional impact of the unexpected pivots of pandemic living. The goal of the evening was to honor you for your time on the frontlines of navigating various pivots like job changes, home-life stressors, and loss and grief. Invest in yourself by connecting with a community of women experiencing the same emotions and pivots as you are. Come away from this conversation equipped with resources to help you confidently chart the path through uncertainty for yourself, your team, and your loved ones.

Resources for this webinar: