Why Small Talk Skills Can Boost Your Career—And Life

Your weekly roundup :: October 18 – 22

As you head into your weekend, here are a few articles from the past week we thought you might enjoy.

How to Make Sure Your Community is the Right Fit For You

In 2019, Joi Freeman talked about some of her “must-haves” for community and what you can bring to the table to be a productive member of the group. We wanted to share her words of wisdom with you again!

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Listen to the latest Work, Love, Pray episode with Rev. Dr. Nicole Martin!

On this episode, Rev. Dr. Nicole Martin, Senior Vice President of Ministry Impact at American Bible Society, talks about why and how community has the potential to give you a powerful, unshakable confidence.

Our work, love, pray favorites

women in the workforce women in the workplace

Three Focus Areas For Leaders Building Equality For Women In The Workplace

Maria Wu writes for Forbes shares how business leaders can support a place where diversity is welcome and provide a space for women to be in positions where growth decisions are made.

relationships dating singleness Christian dating Christian relationships parenting

The Science of Small Talk—Why Small Talk Has Big Impact

Danielle Doolen with Career Contessa explains why small talk matters at work—and everywhere else.

Christianity faith spiritual walk relationship with God

Community Is About More than Just ‘Being There’

James Clark with the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics encourages all of us to think about the state of their communities and, if need be, move to realize the deep fellowship that characterizes true Christian community.

Would you like to learn from Carla Harris, Morgan Stanley, on how she does work/life balance?

Molly Fletcher interviews Carla Harris the latest episode of Game Changers with Molly Fletcher where Carla shares what she’s learned about pathways to career success.

4word: Community Group Events

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Ongoing Monthly Gatherings

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