Make Room For Joy On Your ‘Journey 4word’

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We’ve been getting ready for our Journey 4word to Influence, and for the past three months we’ve been examining the question, “How do I determine my destination?” That’s a good place to start, because we can’t find our way if we don’t have a good idea of where we’re headed. We’ve considered why we think it might be time to head off in a new direction and we’ve taken time to assess our current situation. Now before we move on, let’s take some time to remember the “next steps” we’ve been thinking about in March. 

First, listen for God’s guidance.

One of the most central questions of the Christian faith is “How does God guide us?” It seems like it would be nice to have an instruction manual to determine God’s direction in our lives, but relationships are more complicated than that, and following Jesus is all about a living, loving, faith-filled relationship. 

Jesus didn’t promise to show us the way; He said that He IS the WAY. Apart from Him we are wanderers, and we’ll never discover all that God has for us. There are, however, a few things we can do to grow in our relationship with Jesus. 

We can spend time with Him in Scripture, allowing Him to be the lens through which we read the Bible. The Gospels are the apex of God’s epic story because they give us a clear picture of Jesus’, life, ministry, teaching, death and resurrection. If we spend consistent time in the Gospels letting Jesus speak to us however He wishes, we will begin to understand the rest of Scripture better and be better able to discern when and where God is leading us.

We also get to know Jesus through prayer as we talk with Him and listen to His Spirit. The Spirit reminds us of Jesus’ ways and nudges us in the right direction. And if we’re listening, the Holy Spirit also lets us know when we’ve veered off course and need to make a correction. 

Then, check in with yourself…and others.

Let’s face it: 4word women are women of action, and most of have a hard time slowing down enough to assess our progress on the journey. We’re not talking about naval gazing here, but if we don’t stop regularly to check in and see how we’re doing spiritually and emotionally, we may just work ourselves into burnout. 

And we have to remember that we weren’t created to be on the journey alone! We were made for community, and apart from a supportive, encouraging group of sojourners, we won’t hear all that God has to say to us. 4word Community Groups are the perfect places to find like-minded women to walk with us through the ups and downs of the journey, so if you’re not part of one, why? (Click here to find the group that’s right for you!)

Finally, stay flexible. 

The journey 4word to influence is just as much about the process as it is about the destination. Following Jesus and becoming all God created us to be is a grand adventure with lots of twists and turns along the way, and of course there are difficulties we’ll face as we travel. But Jesus has promised to be with us every step of the way. We’ve been given the incredible invitation to join with Jesus on his mission to restore all things to the way God intended, so stay close to Him and make room for joy! 

And now get ready for the next leg of our journey as we take the upcoming three months to consider “How Do I Get Prepared for the Trip?” It’s good to be together as we Journey 4word to influence!