4word Podcast: Season 2

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Episode 4: A Belonging Company Culture Starts With You

Trina Lee, manager of the 4word Mentor Program, joins the podcast to talk about belonging culture and why it’s important for any size company to prioritize.

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Episode 3: The Platinum Rule of Being a Caring Leader

Kelly Thurman, acute strategist and 4word's Board Chair, shares her "platinum rule" anyone can follow to improve the quality of their leadership.

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Episode 2: How to Get Out of a Rut

Lori Berry, a woman in finance and co-founder of 4word: Southlake, joins the podcast to talk about ruts in life and how to pull yourself out of them.

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Episode 1: Finding Your Purpose Is Like Trying on Clothes

Lisa Lewis, Transformational Leadership Coach and 4word mentor, walks us through the journey to finding your purpose and how it involves a lot of trying.

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