Free Time, Feedback, and Freak Outs in This Week’s Friday Faves!



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Mondays with Diane4w_mon_300x300_102014

Let’s Take the Time to Get Down & Dirty!
Go ahead, get down and dirty … building authentic friendships, that is. Diane Paddison explains why it’s so important to delegate time to building lasting friendships.


Wednesday Interview 4w_wed300x300_110514

Friendship & Sisterhood & Community, OH MY!
What does “community” mean to you? In this week’s interview, sisters, best friends and former co-workers April and Jana give their take on what community has come to mean to them.



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Top Three



Take Notice



HISTORY-MAKING WOMAN: Republican Elise Stefanik won the New York Congressional race on Tuesday, making her the youngest female elected to Congress. Learn more about this inspiring woman’s journey in Good Morning America’s segment.




WOMEN HAVE MORE FREE TIME?: Richard Marsden with Daily Mail suggests that women today have more free time due to factors like technology and partners that share the workload. Do you agree?




CHECK YOUR FEEDBACK: Cindy Cohn with Springboard Consulting offers us some helpful tips for determining whether the feedback you’re giving will have a constructive or destructive impact on the receiver.




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Video of the Week


Arguably, one of the best parts of Halloween doesn’t take place on October 31. For the past three years, Jimmy Kimmel has recruited parents across the country to cruelly convince their children that they ate all of their hard-earned Halloween candy. (Spoiler alert: it’s all a big joke.) Check out this year’s installment of “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy” and get ready for some of the biggest freak outs we’ve seen yet!



A Pinterest Find


Pies are one of the most popular dessert choices, especially this time of the year, but they aren’t always the easiest to make. Use this adorable Pie Slice Cookie recipe as a “dessert shortcut” and enjoy all the pie flavor without the pie work.



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