Why COVID-19 Has Made Mentoring a Must For Women

Your weekly roundup :: August 31 – September 4

As you head into your weekend, here are a few articles from the past week we thought you might enjoy.

This is IT—signups for the 4word Mentor Program end tonight!

Ready to end 2020 on a positive note? Sign up today for a spot in the upcoming fall session of the 4word Mentor Program! Mentees are hand-paired with a 4word mentor who can help you take your goals for the rest of the year and pave the way into 2021. The deadline to sign up is TONIGHT, so don’t wait!

Candid Conversations – Racial Reconciliation in the Community

How can we as Christian women help heal the racial divide in our communities? Dig deeper into this month’s Candid Conversation and explore ways we can all be bridge-builders when it comes to racial reconciliation.

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Listen to Episode 17 now!

Jill Perrin, an executive coach and a 4word mentor from Dallas, Texas, shares best practices for learning to be more confident and why vulnerability is a big determiner in whether or not you’ll succeed. Hosted by Jordan Johnstone.

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Why COVID-19 has made mentoring for women a must

Jen Colletta with Human Resource Executive discusses why staying keyed in to their own development can help women keep their career trajectory on track despite the challenges of the pandemic.

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5 Ways To Get Over a Break Up (According to an 800-year-old theologian)

Debra Fileta with True Love Dates shares a guest post by Will Herrmann, who gives five tips for getting over a break up in a healthy way. 

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On Matters of Race and Justice, Listening Isn’t a One-Way Street

Matt Reynolds writes for Christianity Today on why we shouldn’t divide the church into those who “get it” and those who don’t.

Listen to Peloton’s Ally Love on Using Conversation as a Catalyst for Change

Listen as Molly Fletcher chats with Ally Love on Game Changers with Molly Fletcher about how to keep people engaged in a virtual environment, her approach to tough conversations, and how she’s successfully built a multi-dimensional career. (Molly will be the 2021 4word Gala interviewerclick here for more information!)

4word: Community Group Events

4word is recommending that all our Community Groups follow their state and local mandates regarding meetings and public gatherings. Please check with your Community Group regarding any event cancellations or changes to virtual meetings.

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