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Your weekly roundup :: March 28 – April 1

As you head into your weekend, here are a few articles from the past week we thought you might enjoy.

“The Key to Overcoming Anxiety” with Alli Worthington – April 8 at noon CDT

Don’t miss this chance to engage with Alli Worthington – Best-selling author of four books; Speaker and coach who has helped 1000s of people start online businesses; Former consultant and strategist; And former COO of Propel Women. This is a virtual interactive workshop. Register to receive the virtual link and the materials to participate live.

Make Room For Joy On Your ‘Journey 4word’

Join us as we wrap up our 3-month’s long talk about “how do I determine my destination?” when setting out on a journey to influence well.

Did you know we have Monday blogs available in Spanish and Mandarin?

NEW episode – Part 2 of Jennifer Jackson’s story

Listen to Part 2 of Jennifer Jackson’s story to hear when she began to see and value the impact being an influence on others can have.

Our work, love, pray favorites

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You Need A Leadership Triangle

Mark Nevins writes for Forbes to discuss why learning about and adopting a “leadership triangle” is crucial for anyone wanting to be an effective leader.

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10 Encouraging Facts About Marriage You Need to Hear and Share

Shaunti Feldhahn and Tally Whitehead write for Focus on the Family and list off the real facts about marriage to show the positive truth about marriage today.

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Americans’ Return to Church Has Plateaued

Kate Shellnut with Christianity Today discusses why even though more congregations are open without COVID-19 precautions, Americans aren’t more likely to show up.

Listen to the latest Mentoring Monday show featuring Emma Sharma!

Twenty-five years as a General Counsel, Emma Sharma is a world class mentor, writer and courageous leader. Hear her challenge to all mentors and mentees. Her company motto is “add value and get out.” For young mothers, she says get your relationship with Christ and you first. Your children will find their way to Jesus on their own. You cannot make a relationship for other people.

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