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You’ve Been Planted Right Where You Need to Serve

Sofia Fonseca, architect, professor, and 4word: Houston board member, talks about how she has learned to acknowledge that where she is "planted" is the exact place and time in which God has equipped her to be a missionary for Him.

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Shining Your ‘Christ Light’ As a Business Owner

Dr. Cathy Denison-Robert, MBA, business consultant, coach, trainer, small business owner, and 4word mentor, offers four areas business owners should focus on when building their business on Biblical principles.

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Connecting ‘Sunday Worship’ to ‘Monday Work’

Peju Akintorin, a certified HR and Project Management professional and 4word mentor, shares how she embraces her faith all week long and offers a great tip for staying true to your faith at work!

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How to Keep Your Ambitions in a Healthy Balance

Kathryn Kilner, community outreach coordinator for 4word: San Francisco, returns to the blog to share what she's learned about keeping professional ambition in a healthy balance to make sure you live a life you enjoy.

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