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Stop Trying To Dictate Your Life

Have you "enjoyed" this month's topic of priorities? (We used the quotation marks on purpose!) No one is immune to struggling with how to prioritize their lives. Stay-at-home moms struggle, C-Suite women struggle, entrepreneurs struggle — you get the idea. Because priorities are such a broad… Read More

Driven or Balanced: Which Is Better?

We live in an “instant gratification” age. Need to grocery shop but don’t have the time? Use a personal shopping service. Craving some dinner from that Italian place across town but don’t feel like going out? Schedule a delivery service through an app. Need an… Read More

The Practice of Setting Priorities

As women, we juggle. It's something we just have to do. Rachel Rose Nelson, founder of Her Worth International, tells us about a tool/trick she's incorporated into her life to keep everything moving. ------ You are a wife and mom, seminary student, businesswoman and… Read More

What Your Planner Says About You

Have you ever answered/played along with the question about being stranded on a desert island and only being able to have three things? The answers to this question can be incredibly insightful into the inner workings of a person! Most people pick their favorite people or… Read More

How To Rank Your Priorities

Before October ends, we wanted to provide you with just one more dose of "priorities" with some articles and blogs we've discovered over the month. Do you have a personal story about what you've learned about priorities this month? We'd love to share it! Send us… Read More

What NOT To Prioritize

When I think of courageous women of faith, I think of Corrie Ten Boom. Corrie and her family helped Jews escape the Nazis in The Netherlands and she later was imprisoned in a concentration camp. How, then, could Corrie Ten Boom pen these now famous words:… Read More

Where Is Your Treasure?

Priorities. This shouldn't be a new word or concept to any of you. As women in the workplace, we are daily playing a plate-spinning act, trying to balance work priorities with home priorities. And just when we think we have our schedules and workloads figured out, something… Read More

No Supermoms Required

It’s back to school time again. That time of year packed with parent orientations, meet the teacher nights, supply shopping, clothing shopping, shoe shopping, and my favorite this year…..magnetic locker decorations. WHAT? And form, after form, after form to be filled out. And then we realize halfway through… Read More

Love in a Time of Deadlines.

What happens to relationships when work must take center stage? When you’re balancing work, relationships, and faith, there will be times when one area of your life has to take precedence for a time.  When a major work deadline requires investment of extra hours and energy, it can… Read More