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Overcoming the ‘Silent Strength’ of Mental Illness

Coleen Thomson, board member and small group leader for 4word: Philadelphia, shares openly about her lifelong battle with mental illness and how she has learned to remove the negative power it can have over her life.

7 Min Read
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Learn How to See Your Perfection in the Midst of Mess

Rebecca Hawkins, a Senior Business Process Consultant and certified yoga instructor, shares her thoughts on how we can escape the lie of perfectionism and embrace God's idea of perfect for our lives.

5 Min Read
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Knowing the ‘Next Right Step’ with Mental Illness—How to Be a Positive Support

Tammy McKinney, coach and Cedar Park small group facilitator for 4word: Austin, openly shares about her journey as a caretaker for her son on his mental health journey, and why knowing the "next right step" is the best approach to being supportive.

15 Min Read
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Overcome the Impostor Syndrome, Reach Your Full Potential

Patricia Myers, executive leadership coach and 4word Board Member, shares her struggles with being confident in who she was and what women in the workplace can do to keep their own doubts at bay.

6 Min Read
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