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Not ‘Mine’ But ‘His’

Join us as we conclude our discussion on the scarcity mindset and why it is vital for us to be grateful not just for our sake, but for those around us, too.

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Focus on Your Blessings, Not Your Troubles

Do you worry about everything missing in your life? Diane Paddison shares why we must shift our minds to dwell on blessings instead of troubles.

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What a Scarcity Mindset Reveals About You

Kim King, author, advisor, and board member, shares her thoughts on the origin of the scarcity mindset, what it reveals, and how to shift out of it.

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Is Abundance a Bad Thing?

Is "abundance" a negative or positive thing? Do you ever feel like you have too much or are you always striving for more? Let's talk about scarcity mindset.

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