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A Speech, a 'Lost Boy,' and a Center for Hope

Are you listening for God's direction? God’s plans are unbelievably vast.  If you open your heart to his direction he will LEAD YOU to where HE CAN USE YOU and YOUR GIFTS…

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A Romantic Hit and Run

What do you do when a guy is hitting on you?  What about when a polite hints don't work? I’ll start by stating my age, 52.  Even old ladies get hit on. …

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Call Me "Coordination Challenged"

Are you a klutz like me? It is amazing how God seems to be in the middle of everything . . . even broken fingers. When I was in Grand Rapids in…

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Don't Go It Alone

Are we having fun yet? The life of a Christian working woman can be chaotic, frustrating, confusing and terribly isolating.  Or it can be joyful, exciting, and utterly fulfilling.  For many, it…

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