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Let’s Take the Time to Get Down & Dirty!

What is keeping you from building deep friendships? One of the key pillars of 4word is building connections between women. Authentic, supportive relationships with people who “get you” and can speak into your life in myriad ways. In fact I devoted an entire section of Work, Love, Pray to… Read More

Trust in the Workplace

Trust. Being a team player. It’s what every workplace needs to thrive and excel in the industry, but the truth is that it’s not so easy to come by. Politics, office drama, and selfishness tend to interfere with our best intentions and goals. Today, we are speaking to… Read More

Interview: Lisa Whittle

Authenticity. It’s something we simultaneously fear and crave, and something we don’t like to admit is a struggle for us. It’s also something that Lisa Whittle often writes about. Her latest book, w{hole}, talks about the holes in our lives and how God uses them to make us… Read More