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Purpose Doesn’t Equal Comfort

Here at 4word, this month's topic of "purpose" has been a refreshing wake-up call for us. It's getting to be that time of the year when plans and budgets for 2019 are being formulated and new initiatives and resources are being dreamed up for our 4word women. As… Read More

Finding Your Purpose Takes Focus

Finding your purpose is one thing. Staying on course with your purpose and shaping your life around it is a whole other story. Author, leadership expert, and longtime friend of 4word, Valerie Sokolosky, shares her thoughts on purpose and how mentorship plays a vital role in successfully… Read More

Give Your “Best Yes”

From a small newsletter to a thriving ministry, Lysa TerKeurst has listened to God’s calling in her life and created Proverbs 31 Ministries, making an impact in the lives of millions of women around the world. Lysa speaks with us today about how to give your “best yes”… Read More

Were Men and Women Created Equal?

Donna R. Patrick, speaker, author, and worship leader, talks with us today about why we might have issues getting involved in church, and why men and women are not equal in the church. ------ 4word: Was being a church leader something you’ve always been passionate about? Donna: I… Read More

Finding Strength in Friendship

Are all friendships equal? Do Christian friendships have an edge over your other friendships? Author Beth Hicks weighs in on the uniqueness of Christian friendships and how you can benefit from them. ------ 4word: What led you to become a Christian author? Beth: I became a Christian… Read More

A Woman’s Place

Katelyn Beaty is the first female managing editor of Christianity Today magazine and founder of Her.meneutics. Her first book, A Woman’s Place: A Christian Vision for Your Calling in the Office, the Home, and the World, was released on July 19th. Hear her story of what led her… Read More

Mentorship and The Church

Mentorship is traditionally thought of as a professional, career-based relationship between a mentor and a mentee. But what about mentorship in the church? Is it really needed? Author Natasha Sistrunk Robinson says, “Yes!” and shares with us why she’s so passionate about mentoring as “intentional discipleship” within the… Read More

Family First

Working parents almost always do battle with guilt over how to integrate family and career in their busy lives. Balancing time between work and home isn’t easy for anyone! Molly Fletcher, CEO, keynote speaker, and author, shares how she and her husband put family first, even in the… Read More

Become a Safe Haven

While life can (and should) be something you enjoy and look forward to every day, there will be times in your life when everything seems to be going against you. Whether in your personal life, at your workplace, or even spiritually, there may come a day when you… Read More

Almost Run Down in a Coffee Shop

When we dream about and plan for what our future might look like, rarely do we allot time for painful, uncomfortable, or completely unanticipated events. For Christians, when these situations enter our lives, we often seek strength and renewal from our church and God. While this may satisfy… Read More

How Taking a Detour May Get You to Your Dream

Talents, passions, and making your dreams a reality. This is often a long road with lots of twists and turns. Today, we are talking to one of our own team members, Jordan Johnstone, the mastermind behind Friday Faves and other copywriting endeavors here at 4word, about her newly… Read More

Once Upon a (Career) Dream

What is your dream career? As a child, what would you tell people you would be when you grew up? For many of us, those answers and what we are doing now don’t align. Maybe your interests changed, or maybe life just led you in a different direction.… Read More

Uncover Art in All You Do

When you think of art, what comes to mind? Paintings and sculptures? Music? Author Emily Freeman is challenging you to look beyond that. In her book A Million Little Ways, Emily presents readers with the idea that their life is art. We had some questions about this, which… Read More

Know Your Calling. Live with Purpose.

What’s the meaning of life? This age old questions has haunted mankind since, well, the beginning of life. As believers, we know the answer to that question can only be found in the One who created us. This week, we are speaking with Brian Burchik, pastor and author… Read More