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What Will You Be When You Grow Up?

How do you know what you’re supposed to be when you grow up? I thought I knew going into college. I was determined that my future would be in fashion merchandising. I declared my major early, I worked all of my summer jobs in the same industry, and… Read More

Corporate Balance Empowerment Rocks

Balancing career and family is a struggle that all working parents face. With meetings, projects, and clients competing with playdates, school activities, and quality time spent with your children, it’s no surprise that parents are often left feeling conflicted about deciding how to divvy up their day. What… Read More

Are YOU Addicted to Work?

Has work taken over your life? The day I realized it had gone too far, I woke up at 5:00 am to go from dreaming about work to doing it. As I slid out of bed, I glanced at my sleeping husband and felt a pang of guilt.… Read More

How to Mind Your Own (Family) Business

Working wives and moms have enough on their plates. As all of us can attest to, balancing family, faith, and our careers is hard work that takes constant effort. What happens when you blend family and career together? We asked that question to Christin McClave, founder of Unifi… Read More

The “Bad” Little Word You Need To Say More

No. There, I said it! It feels good to practice; maybe you should give it a try. Repeat after me: “No, I cannot attend this event.” “No, I cannot serve as room mom for little Johnny’s class.” “No, I cannot take on a new project.” “No, I cannot… Read More

Balance Starts With You

One of the most common questions I hear from professional Christian women is: “how do I get more balance in my life?” Usually when women ask me that question, they’re looking for a to-do list. They say, “balance,” but what they really want is for me reveal how… Read More

Finding Balance

Several weeks ago, we posted a set of mini interviews with some of our board members about what “having it all” means to them. Today, we’re following up with 4word CMO, Betsy Gray, on how she has learned to set boundaries and maintain balance between work, love and… Read More

Interview: Rachel Brewster

We’re excited to introduce you to Rachel Brewster. She’s a Bostonian who had already been thinking about starting a group for professional, Christian women when she met Diane. Now, she and her friends are planning to start a 4word Boston group! But read on. We’ll let Rachel tell… Read More