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Love and Forgiveness after You’ve Been Hurt

Are there people in your life that you are struggling to love? This week 4word contributor Stacy Repult shares the story of how she struggled to love her dementia-stricken father, even as she became his primary caretaker. Her deeply personal story is a great reminder that when our… Read More

The Fatherhood Project

In honor of Fathers Day this Sunday, we bring you a special interview with one of Diane’s colleagues, Dan Dolsen. Several years ago, Dan founded The Fatherhood Project, with one mission in mind: building great dads. From left to right: John, David, Kristin, Dan and Michael Dolsen… Read More

Meet Our Dads

In honor of Fathers Day this coming weekend, some members of the 4word team would like to share our Fathers with you! Amy & Daryl :: The older I get, the more I realize how blessed I am to have a dad like mine. The… Read More

Honoring Dads

Happy Fathers Day ladies! I really love Fathers Day. It’s a great reminder to appreciate and honor the Dads in our lives, whether that be your own Dad, your husband, brother, or friend. In “Be a Better Dad Today!,” my friend Gregory Slayton describes fatherhood as “the most… Read More