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Balancing Act: a Dual Career Marriage

Brooke Armstrong and her husband Drew are in the middle of very successful careers, yet they have managed to balance two demanding work schedules with a strong marriage. Last week, we chatted with Brooke to learn some inside information on how the Armstrongs do it. --------------------  … Read More

Follow-up with Dinah Nicholson

A couple of weeks ago, we interviewed Dinah Nicholson about how she and her husband made their dual-career family work. As it turns out, one interview wasn’t nearly enough space to cover the topic. We had someone request a follow-up. So, Rachel, here are Dinah’s answers to your… Read More

Interview: Dinah Nicholson

Ladies, meet Dinah Nicholson. Those of you wondering if it’s possible to raise children while you and your husband are working full time will want to pay close attention to this interview. Dinah and Steve raised three children together while they both had full time jobs. Last week,… Read More