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Living R.I.C.H.

As women, we often face various hurdles in the workplace, but the most common adversary professional women face is the gender gap. Dina Dwyer-Owens, former CEO of The Dwyer Group, was raised by her entrepreneurial father to work hard and achieve her dreams, regardless of her gender. Now… Read More

Raising a Red Flag

It’s not a concern, until it happens to you. Domestic violence, bullying and stalking are serious topics that tend to receive little to no attention in our society today. We spoke with Angela Daffron and Cathy Johnson, two inspirational women who have taken a stand against the violence seen in their… Read More

An Opportunity to Work

When Sseko Designs founder Liz Bohannon, traveled to Uganda after her college graduation, she was expecting to do some simple nonprofit work before returning back to the United States.  What she did not expect was the life-changing adventure that awaited her. Through meeting and surrounding herself with the… Read More