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Fortune 50 Chooses 4word Supporter Frances Hesselbein

4word champions and advocates women who strive to succeed. As an organization, we believe passionately in mentorship, sponsorship, community, and blazing trails for the next generation. A confidant, influence, and dear friend of 4word, Frances Hesselbein, was JUST recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of their Top 50 World's… Read More

Maximizing Millennials

Millennials. It’s a hot-topic term that seems to be everywhere lately. Who falls into the “millennial category?” How will their entry into the workforce affect companies? Should millennials be treated differently? Joan Kuhl, founder of Why Millennials Matter and contributor to the upcoming book Five Most Important Questions,… Read More

Leaders ALWAYS Have Mentors

Being a leader, whether in your career or your personal life, is something that most people would say they aspire to. What is an indispensable part of every great leader’s development? Frances Hesselbein, president and CEO of The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute (formerly The Peter F. Drucker Foundation… Read More

Put Your Cell Phone Away

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a multi-tasker are you? Honestly? I’m probably an 11. And I’m not entirely sure how my life would work if I weren’t that way. Sometimes, doing two things at once is the only way I get anything done… Read More