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Got Joy?

We Christians are supposed to be full of joy, especially this time of year. So how is that working for everybody? Not easy, is it? It’s worth asking: what exactly is Christian joy supposed to look like? Christmas night five years ago my best friend, my mom, died… Read More

Love and Loss: Living with Grief

Diane wrote on Monday that grief is something you live with, not something you get through. After suffering through her mother’s murder, this is a truth that Diane’s friend, Melissa Tamplin Harrison, knows well. Today, we’re featuring a beautiful, honest interview with Melissa on the subject of how… Read More

Living and Loving in the Midst of Grief

Last Sunday, a remarkable procession of 19 white hearses wound their way through Arizona towns and cities, traveling 125 miles from Phoenix to Prescott in order to lay to rest the bodies of 19 brave firefighters. Despite stifling 104-degree heat, thousands of people lined the route, standing in… Read More

What to Do with Life's Leftovers

Today, we introduce you to Sheila B.  Sheila's husband is the late E. K. Bailey, who was pastor of Concord Baptist Church for almost thirty years before succumbing to cancer. Sheila and E. K. were introduced in college by his friend, Melvin Wade. (E.K. later returned the favor… Read More