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Winner Winner, Christmas Dinner

I like to win. I like to be the best at whatever I'm doing. So when I see the amazingly creative, crafty, handmade, thoughtful things you do with your family and share in pictures on Facebook, I feel…well…violent. Nothing else motivates me like competition. It’s how I’m wired.… Read More

4word’s 2013 Gifts that Give Back Guide

On Friday, we introduced our Gifts that Give Back Guide. Today, we want to give you a closer look at some of our featured products. It's our prayer that as you learn the stories behind the company and the products, you will be moved to support their cause.… Read More

Home for the Holidays: Marrying In

Getting married is a lot about creating a new family with your spouse. A lot, but not all. It’s also about joining one (or more) existing families; families with unique history and traditions and cultures. Becoming part of a new family can be a great gift, but there… Read More

Home For The Holidays: The Mother-In-Law Perspective

There must be thousands of books out there about how to keep your marriage relationship strong, but where are the books about how to love your in-laws? I don’t mean that in a negative way! Even in the very best of circumstances, those relationships require real work and… Read More