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The Many Flavors of Motherhood

How would you define “motherhood?” Everyone would probably have a very different answer to that question … and that’s what makes being a mom so special. Mother’s Day is next week, so to honor all the moms and mother figures in the world, we spoke with three moms… Read More

What Mom Taught Me About Beauty (And How To Pass It On)

A friend sent me a great video clip this week of a professional model named Cameron Russell, talking truth about her job and what it means (and doesn’t mean) to be considered beautiful. It’s really got me thinking about beauty and self image, and about confidence and insecurity.… Read More

Bella Goren – Lessons from My Mother

Meet Bella Goren, mother of two daughters and CFO of American Airlines. Bella didn’t have the typical start to a career in business. When her family immigrated to America from the former Soviet Union, fourteen-year-old Bella didn’t speak English. She credits much of her success to both of… Read More