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Talk “Super Bowl” Like a Pro

Touchdown! Fourth quarter! Second down! If those words were just words to you, you’re probably not excitedly anticipating the upcoming Super Bowl. You’re not alone! There are many of us who don’t know the first thing about sports, and we’ve been fine with that our whole lives. Amy… Read More

Quagmire of Office Dating

Should you date someone at the office? Maybe! We've seen some fabulous relationships develop.....AND we've seen it go horribly wrong and crumble into a hot mess. It depends on several things. If you are a bright, career-minded woman with a job you love at a solid company,… Read More

Can You Be Facebook Friends at Work?

Hello everyone.  My name is Amanda. I work for 4word’s digital media team, and I’m here to inform you that we’re interrupting our regularly scheduled programming this week to feature an interview with our interviewer. If that’s confusing, I’ll explain further. We’ve been talking about social media for… Read More

Asking for Help at Work

“Can you help me?” When was the last time you uttered those four words at work? We are often reluctant to ask for help with a project, even though, as blogger Jeff Haden once pointed out, we have an “instinctive desire to help other people.” Maybe it’s pride… Read More