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Summer Like a Kid Again

Summer is supposed to be a “carefree” time, but for most working moms, there’s nothing carefree about the crunch of kid activities, organizing childcare, vacation planning, and—before you know it—getting ready for school to start again. This is the reality of “mom summer," but "mom summer" doesn't… Read More

From Veggies to Bankruptcy to Jellyfish

Jellyfish Labs’ latest project What’s in the Bible? is available now in 4word’s online store! This faith-focused resource is an excellent Christmas gift option for not only your own family, but every family in your life that desires a deeper understanding of God’s word. JellyTelly, a unique… Read More

Love and (talking about) Money

It’s a quiet evening, Chris and I are sharing glasses of wine and take-out from one of our favorite restaurants.  Seated close together at the kitchen table, we compare notes on the papers we have spread out in front of us. We’re deep in conversation, sometimes laughing, sometimes… Read More