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Financial Planning in the New Year: Part 2 with Erin Botsford

It’s the second week of 2014- how are you doing with your resolutions? Last week we talked to Mary Hunt about her financial planning and retirement strategies. As we continue that series, this week we introduce you to Erin Botsford, 4word board member and author of “The Big… Read More

Love and (talking about) Money

It’s a quiet evening, Chris and I are sharing glasses of wine and take-out from one of our favorite restaurants.  Seated close together at the kitchen table, we compare notes on the papers we have spread out in front of us. We’re deep in conversation, sometimes laughing, sometimes… Read More

Money Matters: Planning Ahead

Thinking about retirement? I know it’s hard to take retirement seriously when you’re significantly closer to starting your career than you are to ending it. Nevertheless, it’s not too early to think carefully about your financial goals. Lets be honest, it’s not as exciting as, say, a beautiful… Read More