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Growing Into Gratitude

When life is going our way, it’s so easy to find things to be thankful for. (Even though we aren’t always quick to offer up that thanks.) So what about when life comes to a hard stop or takes a drastic turn? Sharon Purcell talks with us… Read More

Confessions of a New Christian

My testimony is unique (aren’t they all?) in that I came to Christ somewhat recently and am able to remember the distinct moment my spiritual eyes were opened. I am grateful because my life was not “bad” before I became a Christian. In fact, it was quite the… Read More

Faith-Based Nursing as a 2nd Career

Making a career change is never an easy decision. Another struggle professional Christians deal with is how to be a light in their secular workplaces. Ilene Vought is a nurse at Baylor Plano and talks with us today about what led her to leave a 30-year career as… Read More

It's All Right – God Still Loves You

Have you ever said those six little words in the title to yourself or a friend? It’s amazing how the simple things can have a dramatic impact. Today, we are speaking to Olympic snowboarding champion Kelly Clark. Kelly shares with us how these six words changed her life… Read More