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Gratitude Isn’t Complicated

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” – Anonymous What an amazing way to think about gratitude! Our prayer this entire month has been that you would arrive at the the end of our conversation with a new definition of gratitude and what it means… Read More

When Gratitude is Hard-Earned

This week, we asked 4word: San Diego leader Kaitlin Arduino to share her personal journey with both grief and gratitude. We hope her story encourages you! ------ Gratitude is an emotion that comes more naturally these days than it ever has in my life… Read More

Don’t Let Gratitude Be Seasonal

Kathryn Kilner had to shift from a seasonal practice of gratitude around the holidays to a daily habit of gratitude in her life, and disciplined herself to follow one simple routine every day to make sure that gratitude has a prominent place in her heart. Read… Read More

Grateful When You Don’t Feel Like It

November: it’s the month of gratitude. As we gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, many of us will be sharing around the dinner table what we’re grateful for. I love the opportunity that the holiday season brings to focus on gratitude and celebrate our blessings with loved ones. … Read More

Be Grateful (For Real)

It's November. Can you believe it? A new month means a new discussion topic for the 4word blog, and this month's theme may seem expected: we're talking about gratitude. Before you roll your eyes and say something like, "Of course it is!", let's look a little further.... … Read More

Get Ready for Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (what?!) and we at 4word wanted to share with you some of our favorite articles on thankfulness. This year has been packed full of every emotion, it feels like, and we all need a little reminder of all we have to thank God for as… Read More

The Beauty Behind the Bad Times

"I'm so thankful I got that cancer diagnosis." "I could not be any happier that my car got totaled." "I have to clean out my savings account to make ends meet this month? What a blessing!" If you heard any of those statements in real life, you'd probably… Read More

Be Thankful For YOU

Is it time for a self-assessment? Though mentors, coaches, and sponsors can help guide your life and career, it’s also critically important not to overlook what may be your most valuable assessment resource: yourself. Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman are management consultants who specialize in 360-degree reviews. The… Read More

4word Team Gives Thanks

  As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow with family and friends, we wanted to take a moment to share with you some of our most cherished Thanksgiving memories. We hope you enjoy!  ------  Diane Paddison, 4word founder: When I was growing up on the farm, each Thanksgiving… Read More

The Standard of Giving

We are well into the Thanksgiving season;  a time of year that reminds us of the blessings we experience everyday, and a time to pause and be thankful for what we have. For Lacie Stevens, Thanksgiving is more than a time to give thanks - it’s a reminder… Read More