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Relationships, Regimes & Reactions

Sign Up NOW For Spring Session of the 4word: Mentor Program!  Spring is a time for fresh starts and renewed goals, the perfect time to partner with a mentor who can help you set and achieve milestones for your career. The upcoming spring session of the 4word:… Read More

Behavior, Boobs & Breakfast: Fri Faves!

What You Missed Mondays with Diane Better to Want What You Haven’t Got How often do we want something that we don’t have? 4word COO Sandra Crawford Williamson opens up about the danger of self-sufficiency. Wednesday Interview Single But Not Alone This week we… Read More

From Veggies to Bankruptcy to Jellyfish

Jellyfish Labs’ latest project What’s in the Bible? is available now in 4word’s online store! This faith-focused resource is an excellent Christmas gift option for not only your own family, but every family in your life that desires a deeper understanding of God’s word. JellyTelly, a unique… Read More

Determine Your Purpose

“The purpose of life is to have a purposeful life.” My friend Charlotte often says that quote. I love it because it's a wonderful reminder of how simple life really is (even though it often feels complicated!). Lately, I have had this quote on my mind for a slightly different reason. 4word… Read More

Friday Favorites

Good morning, ladies. Who’s excited for Friday? We are! Because we have some really great links to share with you. Want to found a 4word group in your city? The good news is that you’re in good company. Groups in Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia and New York City are… Read More