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Interview: Sheeba Philip

Good morning, everyone. Today, we’re introducing you to Sheeba Philip, who is the Director of the Global Oreo Business for Kraft Foods. In her current position, she is responsible for accelerating growth and building brand equity for the 2 billion dollar brand in more than 100 countries. That… Read More

Interview: Esther Fleece

This week, we interviewed Esther Fleece, who works at Focus on the Family as the Assistant to the President for Millennial Relations. Esther talked with us about what makes Millennials’ faith journeys unique and where this generation fits into the church as a whole. Whether you’re a Millennial,… Read More

Interview: Pippa Hill

This week, we’re introducing you to Pippa Hill, a 4word woman who hails from London, where she works as a solicitor. We chatted with Pippa (via email) about how she is learning to balance her time between her faith, her husband, Glyn, and friends and her career. Here’s… Read More