Episode 14: How to Lead With Empathy Without Being Called ‘Emotional’

In our last episode, you met Keri Ladouceur, a movement maker in the lives and roles of professional and spiritual leadership around the country. Keri and host Jordan Johnstone spent the previous episode talking about WHY the world needs more women-led movements, and Keri wrapped up by discussing seven shifts that will result when a woman is leading a movement in her sphere of influence.    

In this episode, Keri and Jordan go deeper into those seven shifts and use them to further define how a movement maker should structure their movement in order to not just see it be successful, but also see it make the difference in the world that it was intended to make from its inception.

Guest Bio:

Keri Ladouceur is a pastor, teacher, incessantly curious question asker, and bridge building peacemaker. She believes the fullness of the gospel is liberative good news for all of creation and longs to cultivate new faith spaces of mutuality and flourishing for all people.

She is founder of New Ground Network, where she co-conspires with pastors, denominations, and organizational leaders to clarify and align around their purpose. One of her favorites roles is organizational coach where she is part dreamer, instigator, activator and team counselor. She has an MA in New Testament from Northern Seminary, and her imagination for the Beloved Community has been primarily shaped by her native heritage and liberation thinkers and theologians.

She dreams of the Church being a life-giving community of flourishing that activates the people of God to join Christ in the redemption and restoration of all things.