Gender Gap, Grumbling, and Getting Approval in This Week’s Friday Faves!



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Mondays with Diane4w_mon300x300_102714

Just Say NO to His Friend Request
It’s just a friend request. It’s harmless, right? Not always.
Find out why in Monday’s joint blog with Diane Paddison and Sandra Crawford Williamson.


Wednesday Interview 4w_wed_300x300_102914

YOU Can Make an Impact!
Whether you feel called to another continent or to an office building in your hometown, you CAN make an impact on this world. Read social entrepreneur Erin Bernhardt‘s story and be inspired!



Top Three


  • Career Women Are Having More BabiesBianca London with Daily Mail reports on a recent study that shows that fertility rates among business women is up 50% and the main reason for this is somewhat surprising.

  • How Can We Keep From Grumbling At Work?Andrew Spencer with the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics discusses why grumbling is so rampant in the workplace and what can be done to stop it.



Take Notice


3a13aee7de75a0e9037876be021fa8abHas your son’s teacher been a fantastic influence in his life? Or maybe your coworker has gone above and beyond volunteering in your community. The Goodsnitch Community Impact Program aims to empower you to recognize the everyday heroes in your life. Just download the Goodsnitch app and add your affiliation to 4word in your user profile. After you recognize your first hero, Goodsnitch will donate $1 to 4word!




INSURANCE 101: Heidi Rasmussen with Freshbennies offers a simple breakdown of what you should be considering if you’re planning on purchasing individual health insurance in 2015.





MISERABLE IN THE WORKPLACE?: Andrew Griffiths with Inc. tries to uncover why the workplace seems to be filled with so many miserable employees.





DECLUTTER YOUR LIFE: Monica Ricci writes on She Owns It and shares the first step you can take to begin the decluttering process for your life.




GET PEOPLE TO LIKE YOU: Eric Barker interviewed former head of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Program Robin Dreeke to learn seven ways you can strengthen your interpersonal relationships.






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Video of the Week


Proposals are always special, but there are some that take things to the next level entirely. When Max Zoghbi decided it was time to propose to his now wife Bonnie Kate, he knew he had to something that utilized his career as a filmmaker and recognized the amazing journey Bonnie Kate has been through.




A Pinterest Find


Want to do something interesting with your Halloween candy this year? How about bake a cake with them? Here are 13 pretty sweet recipes you could try!


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