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Think of Conflict Like Tax Season

July, you have been a very full month! We knew the topic of conflict and confrontation would need many voices to speak about it, so we were so honored…

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Defending Your Faith In Spiritual Conflict

Spiritual conflict and confrontation is something many - if not all - of us will encounter in our walk with God. To learn how to react in a Christ-honoring way,…

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How to Diffuse Conflict at Work

We asked Patty Ross, 4word Board member with a 34-year career leading teams at Nike, to share her advice for not just dealing with conflict in the workplace but being…

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Why Relationships Are Prone to Conflict

Conflict is never a fun experience, but it becomes just a little more hostile when it involves those with whom you are close. Donna Carlson, 4word: Colorado Springs leader…

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Faith in the Face of Conflict

In today's world, you cannot go a day without reading about, watching, or being personally impacted by a conflict. Our world is pulsing with anger, confusion, and wondering what to do…

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