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Purpose Involves Connecting the ‘Whys’

Sofia Fonseca, architect, professor, and 4word: Houston board member, wraps up our discussion with her view on purpose and the pivotal role community plays.

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Your Worth in God Doesn’t Come with Conditions

Kim Vastine, Chaplain for 4word: Southlake, guides us through the ups and downs of realising we are God's perfect creation and ARE worthy in His eyes.

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Fear and Insecurity Don’t Play Favorites

When Courtney Watson had to have emergency brain surgery, her 10 weeks of recovery felt like torture. But in the silence, God revealed His plan for her.

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Where Do You Want 2020 To Take You?

It's a new year and that means a new batch of conversations on the 4word blog! See what exciting changes are coming and dive into the first topic of 2020.

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