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The Bar That Keeps Rising

As I coach highly successful female executives and CEOs, I continue to be astounded at how often they interpret interactions with others to mean, “I am not good enough.” There is a term for this: imposter syndrome. "Despite outstanding academic and professional accomplishments, women who experience the impostor… Read More

You Matter — And So Does Your Work

Your community plays a role in how you perceive your personal identity. That may not be an earth-shattering notion, but it is one that we may not take seriously...until it’s too late. Dr. Mollie Bond lays out evidence of how those around you play an instrumental role in… Read More

Why Don’t We Like Ourselves?

Have you ever doubted yourself? If you answer "no," there's a 99.9% chance you're not human. Just saying. When you're a kid, you dream and pretend to be what you imagine to be the definition of the perfect life. Your young mind is unhindered in what you believe… Read More