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How to Build Real Community

Meet Kate Cavanaugh: National Business Development Officer for Stewart Information Services, mother of four and new wife of Chip Cavanaugh. She also just moved for the 27th (yes, you heard us correctly) time! Kate has led a working women’s Bible study for the past few years, and we… Read More

Making Space in the Church for Working Women

So often, we hear working women around the country lament that they cannot find a niche in their churches. Many of us here at 4word have felt the same, but we are glad to watch this trend changing. This week’s interview features a woman who is helping facilitate… Read More

Practical Steps to a Stronger Faith

Have you established goals in the area of faith for this year? In a way, setting goals for your faith seems redundant. Shouldn’t we always be striving for our best when it comes to our relationship with God? Yes! But we all know it’s easy to get distracted… Read More