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Enjoyment: Live in the Moment

When was the last time you slowed down and really enjoyed something? For many women, this is a luxury we feel we said goodbye to back in our school years! So how do we invite that joyfulness back into our lives in the midst of everything else we’re… Read More

The Many Flavors of Motherhood

How would you define “motherhood?” Everyone would probably have a very different answer to that question … and that’s what makes being a mom so special. Mother’s Day is next week, so to honor all the moms and mother figures in the world, we spoke with three moms… Read More

Give Joy This Christmas

Erin Burchik and her husband, Brian, have spent their entire marriage seeking out ways to impact the lives of those less fortunate in their community. After adopting their daughter in a miraculous turn of events and recently adopting three more precious foster children into their family, Erin became burdened… Read More

When Plans Get Changed.

When two people enter into a marriage, they often have grand plans and dreams for what the next few decades might look like. Perfect house, perfect children, and perfect careers are usually some of the top items on their list. Sonja Wilson and her husband Dan were no… Read More

Success OR Significance: Can't Have Both?

Pam Parish knew about living a quiet, successful life with her small but happy family. Then, she listened to God’s call to work for a church where Pam began to learn about living a life of significance. As God worked in her and her family’s hearts, they began… Read More