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Life-Changing Mentorship

Earlier this month, I shared my Amy Grant story and the joy of meeting a woman who profoundly impacted my life through her music at a very difficult time. Sometimes we impact the life of another without knowing it, but other times we enter into an intentional mentoring… Read More

Rethinking Mentorship … And Why You Need It

When you think of “mentorship,” what comes to mind? A cookie-cutter idea of what a mentor looks like and does? Something stiff and one dimensional? Hallie Graves, lawyer and director the Austin chapter of Polished, wants to open your eyes to the different “flavors” of mentors out there,… Read More

Listen Up!

Did you think your career path would go one direction, only to now be on an entirely different path altogether? Charisse McCumber thought she knew exactly where her professional journey was going to take her, until God laid out a different plan. ------ 4word: How did you… Read More

Achieve Your Full Potential

Mentorship is something with which I have been privileged to be involved, both as a mentor and a mentee. With our next 4word Mentor Program session coming up in a few weeks, I wanted to share with you the story of one of my long time friends and… Read More

Let Her Nudge You!

Mentorship is one of the foundational passions of 4word and is something that as an organization we fiercely advocate. The 4word: Mentor Program has seen dozens of mentor/mentee pairs go through our 10-week sessions and emerge reinvigorated, realigned, and ready to tackle new or existing goals for their… Read More

Equality, Efficiency & Easter

Hop On Over to The 4word Store To Fill Up This Year's Easter Baskets!  Helping out the Easter bunny this year? The 4word Store has Easter basket goodies for the whole family! Choose a one-of-a-kind treasure from our Purchase with a Purpose partners like Akola Project, Nomi… Read More

Mentorship: A TEAM Effort

Who do you tend to go to first when you need advice on something? A spouse, a parent, a sibling? Maybe a co-worker or close friend? While these people fall into the category of confidante, would you believe that they could also be categorized as mentors? Elizabeth Knox,… Read More

Cross the Gender Line: My Male Mentee

What kind of impact can mentoring really have on your career? Is it really so important to have that relationship, or can you excel without it? We asked these questions to Craig Robinson, president of the United States division of Colliers International and long time friend and mentee… Read More

Why Are We Not Good At This?

Are you looking to be promoted? Do you wish there were more women in senior management at your firm? Do you feel like you just need a tiny nudge, and then things in your career would be amazing? Well, my experience is that there is one ingredient missing… Read More

Why Women Need a Work Sponsor

With 4word’s next mentor match session about to launch, I’ve been thinking a lot about the critical role that mentoring and sponsorship have played in my life and career. I feel so blessed to have had the kinds of mentors that I have. It’s no mistake that we… Read More

Support for Working Women Starts With You

Are you supporting other women at work? We can all do more to help support each other.  And we SHOULD do more!  First, because it’s the right thing to do; and second, because women need sponsorship and support in the workplace.  A growing body of research shows that… Read More

Sponsorship; the Key to Work Success.

Is it okay to use relationships to get ahead at work? I’m not talking about anything illicit or even romantic. Just whether or not it’s ethical to trade on friendships, or even build friendships with the intention of using them to your advantage. According to the research, most… Read More