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Just Say NO to His Friend Request

Meet Anne. Anne has a busy life. She has a career that she loves AND it takes a lot of her attention and time. She has a husband and children that she loves. Anne is a busy, working wife.  She is trying hard to make everyone in her life… Read More

No (Career) Regrets!

Decisions can you leave you feeling one of two ways: relieved or regretful. If you’re feeling like the second option, what can you do about it? We talked with 4word woman, Dawn Atwood, about how her company, a licensee of Disney products, recovered from the missed merchandise opportunity… Read More

Where’s My Roadmap?

Do you remember the moment you decided what you would do with your life? Was it a moment of clarity or a moment of desperation? Julie Champion discovered her passion for mentoring high school and college students when she was a freshman in college and has since devoted… Read More

Anxious? Then Click Here to Recalibrate!

Bills. Work. The kids. We are bombarded with situations and things that fester worry and frustration in our lives. Amy Simpson, professional and personal coach and author of Anxious: Choosing Faith in a World of Worry, talks with us about how to identify if you’re a victim… Read More

Turn Now: Create Hope From YOUR Darkness

At 4word, we are passionate about being an advocate for people like Susie Krabacher and her organization Mercy & Sharing. The only way that we can continue to find, mentor, and support organizations like this is through your support. Tomorrow, we ask you to take part in the… Read More

Are You a Yucky Friend?

When is the last time you spoke with your friends? It can often be difficult for working women to make time for friendships, especially if you’re married or in a serious dating relationship. And if you add kids to the mix, friendships can become even harder.  The truth… Read More

When Parenting Gets Tough, PRESS IN!

Today we are speaking with Christian Tucker about the parent-child relationship, and specifically the teenage years. Christian shares his experiences with us, both as a youth pastor and from his own teenage years. ----- Christian: Before we get started, I want to introduce myself. I am Christian Tucker,… Read More

Are You The Office “Mean Girl?”

Any classic romantic dramedy movie involving women in a workplace always features two prominent character types: the no-nonsense boss who has stopped at nothing to get to where she is and the optimistic new employee who wants to take a successful first stride down her just-beginning career path. It has always pained… Read More

Cross the Gender Line: My Male Mentee

What kind of impact can mentoring really have on your career? Is it really so important to have that relationship, or can you excel without it? We asked these questions to Craig Robinson, president of the United States division of Colliers International and long time friend and mentee… Read More