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The Purpose of Leaders

Remember, way back (OK, the beginning of the month), when we talked about not feeling "good enough" to be a leader? A very valid feeling and one we've all experienced. As we wrap up this month's discussion on leadership, though, we hope we've at least torn… Read More

Be a Leader People Want to Follow

As we’ve discussed leadership on the 4word blog this month, my hope is that you’ve come to realize that those to whom God has given the calling of being a leader He has also blessed them with the traits of a good leader. You might not even know… Read More

Am I Good Enough?

Is that title a loaded one or what? Wondering if you're good enough is a thought everyone has, no matter your gender, race, or social status. We all wonder if our skills match up with our ambition. Sure, we would all love to be stellar leaders… Read More