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Resting Isn’t Failing

Sheri Sullivan, entrepreneur and board member-elect of the Rotary Club of Dallas, shares why she thinks women struggle so much with valuing and adding rest to their lives, and how she makes time to rest amidst her busy schedule. ------ 4word: What does the word… Read More

Shake Things Up

Have you ever wondered if your current job or career is really what you should be doing with your life? For many, this is a scary thought to have, especially if you feel like you’re already in your “dream job.” Tiffany Black experienced this feeling and shares with… Read More

When It’s Your Time

FOX News Guest Contributor Carolyn Castleberry always knew she wanted to be a journalist. For years, she built a career in business and journalism through a variety of positions and ventures. However, she always dreamed of being a coach and encourager to fellow professional Christian women struggling to balance… Read More

Passion Meets Potential

Working at your dream job is something that every professional craves. Those who can honestly say they’re doing what they love will “never work a day in their lives.” For those of us who don’t feel like we’ve “arrived” at our ultimate career goal just yet, it’s not… Read More