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Single? Embrace it!

Singleness. It's a topic that everyone seems to have an opinion on, especially during the month of February. "Why aren't you seeing anyone?" "That biological clock is ticking!" "The 'right one' is out there! You just have to keep looking." While it's true that a significant other becomes part… Read More

Single But Not Alone

Not having a "special someone" may not be your choice, especially around Valentine's Day. So how can you deal with it? We spoke with Jennifer Howell Spaulding, a 4word woman who lived with a deep unmet desire for a life partner for many years. Jennifer's story is one… Read More

Tragedy In a New Land

It’s a humbling experience to rely on others for your basic needs, especially for us go-getter personality types. This is the situation in which Laura Hewett now finds herself. She moved to Germany in 2013 with dreams and plans of how God would use her in this new land. Reality… Read More

Motherhood: Expect the Unexpected

Ladies, it’s time to shatter that perfect image you have of motherhood. If you’re already a mother, most likely that image has already been broken. How are you handling it? How will you handle it? Adapting to the challenges life brings might be one of the hardest tasks… Read More

It's All Right – God Still Loves You

Have you ever said those six little words in the title to yourself or a friend? It’s amazing how the simple things can have a dramatic impact. Today, we are speaking to Olympic snowboarding champion Kelly Clark. Kelly shares with us how these six words changed her life… Read More

When God Says "Not Yet"

Unmet desires can be heartbreaking. So how do you handle it? Today, we are speaking to Jennifer Howell, who lived with a deep unmet desire for a life partner for many years. Jennifer’s story is one of faith and courage. We hope that you will not only be… Read More

Do What You Can

I have two inspiring stories to share with you this week about people using their gifts to serve God at work. One story involves a pair of rich industrialists who used their wealth and power to try to better the lives and the working conditions of their employees.… Read More

Big God, Small Miracles.

I’ve seen God do big things in my life. Huge things. He mended my heart after my first marriage fell apart. He softened the spirit of my rebellious teenage son. He healed my impossibly sick daughter. In fact, God has done so many big things in my life… Read More

A Path to Joy in Singleness

Valentine’s Day is coming up, but instead of a blog on romance, my guest writer today will share her story of singleness. Jennifer Howell is a business marketing development officer (and 4word woman!) here in Dallas. She has a passion for encouraging single women, and she’s currently launching… Read More

Goals, Grounded in Grace

Every January we hear a lot about resolutions and goals, about doing more and being better in the New Year. And there’s nothing wrong with that, not really. I’m a huge proponent of goal-setting and it’s good to reassess and reaffirm those goals periodically. I put lots of… Read More

Getting Engaged

After four plus decades of being single and going through all the ups and downs of dating, I amazingly met the man I was meant to be with, fell in love and even more amazingly, got engaged last November. Waiting for God’s best was full of difficult lessons.… Read More

Gaming is Giving

Recently, I heard from my friend Erin about a new endeavor that God had led her to. Knowing her heart, and seeing her dream come alive has been very exciting for me- so much so, that I asked her to share with you about the journey she has… Read More

How I Met God In Rome

A few weeks ago, my family and I spent some time together in Rome. My daughter Rose has been studying abroad there this semester and the rest of us joined her for Thanksgiving. Leading up to the trip I was excited to see Rose and be with my… Read More

Mentoring Outside the Box

As a professional Christian woman who started 4word to minister specifically to professional Christian women, the most likely scope of my mentorship is pretty clear. Over the past few years though, I’ve had the unique experience of mentoring someone whose life looks almost nothing like mine. Nevertheless, I… Read More

When Faith and Work Meet

When it comes to the workplace, finding the right balance of your faith and professionalism can be more challenging than we care to admit. After all, faith is central to a Christian’s life, right? This week we spoke to Katherine Leary Alsdorf, the Founder and Director Emeritus, Redeemer… Read More

I Believe in Angels

I have lots of “angel stories” that I could share. One that sticks out in my head happened when I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma and was driving alone into town one night in the rain. I was going too fast and came to a four way stop, put… Read More

Audacious Gratitude

Are you daring enough to practice audacious gratitude? It can be challenging to be truly grateful for the thousands of blessings we experience in a day. We’re so accustomed to these gifts that it takes a concerted effort just to notice them.  Every day I put at the… Read More

Living and Loving in the Midst of Grief

Last Sunday, a remarkable procession of 19 white hearses wound their way through Arizona towns and cities, traveling 125 miles from Phoenix to Prescott in order to lay to rest the bodies of 19 brave firefighters. Despite stifling 104-degree heat, thousands of people lined the route, standing in… Read More

You are Perfectly Made

I want you to take a minute today to meditate on the following biblical truths: You are God’s unique creation. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them (Ephesians 2:10). For you formed my… Read More

Grow your faith: words from the wise

Since we began our Wednesday Interview series, we’ve talked to dozens of amazing women of God, and we’ve been privileged to share their wisdom with you. Today, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite quotes – from women in all areas of the workforce – about what has… Read More