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How to Hire (and Fire) Well

Julie Bolton, VP of Casualty Risk Engineering at Zurich Insurance and 4word: Houston board member, shares hiring and firing insights she has learned in her years in management and what you can do to keep your team running as smoothly as possible. Read More

The Purpose of Leaders

Remember, way back (OK, the beginning of the month), when we talked about not feeling "good enough" to be a leader? A very valid feeling and one we've all experienced. As we wrap up this month's discussion on leadership, though, we hope we've at least torn… Read More

Be a Leader People Want to Follow

As we’ve discussed leadership on the 4word blog this month, my hope is that you’ve come to realize that those to whom God has given the calling of being a leader He has also blessed them with the traits of a good leader. You might not… Read More

Am I Good Enough?

Is that title a loaded one or what? Wondering if you're good enough is a thought everyone has, no matter your gender, race, or social status. We all wonder if our skills match up with our ambition. Sure, we would all love to be stellar leaders… Read More

Leading: It’s All About Character

This election season has prompted many of us to think carefully about what we want in a leader. There are voices shouting from so many different directions, it gets confusing, and it would be easy to lose hope. I’m extremely thankful God is on the throne, and as… Read More

The Millennial Becomes the Master

Becoming a mom has been one of the craziest rollercoasters my life has put me on so far. As I've mentioned before, I'm the oldest of seven kids, so raising children was not a practice with which I was unfamiliar. However, the rules of the game change pretty drastically… Read More

Available, Willing, Obedient

Julie Ziglar Norman never meant to follow in the footsteps of her father, Zig Ziglar, and become a public speaker. Read how she found herself speaking in front of crowds of thousands, as well as her advice for leaders who want to be effective in leading their teams. ------… Read More

Was Jesus a Good Leader?

Would you choose Jesus to run your company? I never thought much about that question until I picked up a copy of Laurie Beth Jones’s book, Jesus, CEO, many years ago. Jones challenges readers to take a close look at the way that Jesus organized and inspired those around… Read More

Maximizing Millennials

Millennials. It’s a hot-topic term that seems to be everywhere lately. Who falls into the “millennial category?” How will their entry into the workforce affect companies? Should millennials be treated differently? Joan Kuhl, founder of Why Millennials Matter and contributor to the upcoming book Five Most Important Questions,… Read More

Leaders ALWAYS Have Mentors

Being a leader, whether in your career or your personal life, is something that most people would say they aspire to. What is an indispensable part of every great leader’s development? Frances Hesselbein, president and CEO of The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute (formerly The Peter F. Drucker Foundation… Read More

Music & Balance from Popeyes’ CEO

Professional Christian women constantly face challenges and uncertainty in their professional journeys. Between juggling their personal and professional lives and ascertaining their place in God’s plan for their lives, women in leadership must seek clarity, strength, and calling. Cheryl Bachelder, CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Chicken, tells us… Read More