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It’s Time to Get LinkedIn

Are you active on LinkedIn? If not, why? What comes to mind when you hear about it? That it’s just for business people? Only people looking for jobs use it? Isn’t it just a giant resume? It’s true. LinkedIn is primarily focused on reaching the professional world. It’s… Read More

Take a Break, A REAL Break

We are working too hard, and it's bad for us and for the companies we serve. Every year, Americans accrue billions of dollars worth of vacation days that they are not taking. Most of us are skipping lunch breaks too, in favor of eating lunch at our desks… Read More

The Power of Networking

Can networking really lead to a better tomorrow and a better world? Charity Wallace, Senior Advisor to Laura Bush, believes it can. She says it starts with empowering women. Charity shared with us how the Women’s Initiative Fellowship is turning this vision into reality. -- 4word: Can you… Read More

Can You Be Facebook Friends at Work?

Hello everyone.  My name is Amanda. I work for 4word’s digital media team, and I’m here to inform you that we’re interrupting our regularly scheduled programming this week to feature an interview with our interviewer. If that’s confusing, I’ll explain further. We’ve been talking about social media for… Read More