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Better to Want What You Haven’t Got

As women in the workplace, we are very accomplished and love accomplishing our goals. We are often assertive fixers who go after what we want and make it happen. This trait is a positive one in our work environment, and often in life, as well. But sometimes, we… Read More

The Reality of Prince Charming

Meet Kellie Hill: Senior Project Manager at CBRE. In addition to meeting the demands of a successful and growing career, Kellie is engaged to be married to her Prince, Brian. She won’t call him her Prince Charming though. Kellie explains: ----- 4word:  Tell us a little bit about Brian.… Read More

Top 10 Interviews of 2012

Welcome to 2013! The new year is officially here, but before we forge ahead with another series of interviews with inspiring women, we wanted to pause and call your attention to some that you might have missed in the past year. What follows is a list of our… Read More

Making Long-Distance Dating Work

Today we’d like you to meet the newly engaged Anna Demyanik and Sergey Kalinin. Anna is a 4word Portland member and a Global Buyer at Columbia Sportwear Co. She met Serge through a mutual friend a decade ago but didn’t connect with him until he moved to Seattle,… Read More

When You Find Out He's Actually Mr. Wrong

Diane has blogged before about the qualities to look for in a husband. But what do you do when you’ve found a guy who possesses those qualities … only to discover months later that he lacks some of the most important ones? Dallas 4word woman Julie has been… Read More