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Mentoring is for Misfits

Do you ever feel like a misfit? Like you don’t quite fit in with some of the images we see of polished, professional women? Time and again, I’ve seen women discover they’re not the misfit they thought they were through mentoring. When we connect with a mentor with… Read More

Olympic “Ripple Effect”

Steve Haas, Senior Engagement Leader at World Vision US, shares his thoughts on “ripple effects” and how one particular ripple led to him befriending two Olympians. ------ 4word: Tell our readers a little about yourself and what drew you to World Vision. Steve: Before joining World Vision as… Read More

The 4 Things a Mentor is NOT

For all of the fuss made about how important and valuable mentors can be (a fuss I often make!), there’s a lot of bad information out there too. I am surprised by the number of young women I meet who either don’t have mentors or who don’t find… Read More

Racing Towards MENTORSHIP: Olympian Lopez Lomong & Me

As a professional Christian woman who started 4word to minister specifically to professional Christian women, I felt like it was fairly obvious who I would be led to mentor. God, of course, had other plans for me. He placed a mentee in my path whose life looks almost nothing… Read More

Mentoring Outside the Box

As a professional Christian woman who started 4word to minister specifically to professional Christian women, the most likely scope of my mentorship is pretty clear. Over the past few years though, I’ve had the unique experience of mentoring someone whose life looks almost nothing like mine. Nevertheless, I… Read More

A Purposeful Life

One of my friends Charlotte likes to say that “the purpose of life is to have a purposeful life.” I love that quote because it reminds me how simple life really is (even though it often feels complicated!). The thing is, “purposeful” doesn’t necessarily mean “important,” the way… Read More

Using Your Gifts for His Glory

As Diane mentioned on Monday, her friend Lopez Lomong runs in the 5000m qualifier for the London Olympics today. We hope you’ll be cheering on Lopez during the broadcast tonight. In the meantime, we snagged an interview with a mutual friend, Steve Haas, who worked with Lopez to… Read More

Lopez Lomong: Praying for Golden Opportunities

If you pray for God to use you in whatever way He desires, and you act on the opportunities He presents, you may see results beyond your imagination. My friend Lopez Lomong was born in South Sudan in the midst of war. At the age of 6, he… Read More

Is a Job just a Job?, Olympics, Starry Night and Boardroom Body Language

Welcome to August! Here’s another round up of 4word’s favorites from around the blogosphere. Take Notice WOW: Olympic gold medalist Kristin Armstrong “retired” from professional cycling in 2009. But this year, even though she has a 22-month-old son, she got on the bicycle seat and won another gold… Read More

Partners in Christ

Olympic fever is everywhere, and this week we snagged an interview with runner Brittany Morreale, who is dating Olympic runner Lopez Lomong. (And we’re excited to announce that Lopez recently qualified for the 2012 U.S. Olympic team.) --------------------  4word: How did you and Lopez meet? Brittany: I met… Read More